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“Alpha Laser provides prompt free delivery and has made special trips when we didn’t have a spare on hand. They also have bought back unopened boxes where the last printer that used them was retired. Customer service has always been super. I don’t hesitate to call them if I have any sort of need because I know the experience will always be pleasant.

I also use Alpha Laser for my occasional HP printer repairs. I am comfortable in knowing that I will not be taken for a ride and the tech will give me an honest evaluation and good workmanship. If the printer is not worth fixing, they tell me even though on that trip they may not get paid as much.

More recently our purchasing department took over the role of ordering printer toner. I had informed them that their best bet was Alpha Laser, but they thought they could do better. They bought marginally cheaper toner from a different vendor and regretted it. Very soon they were back to ordering from Alpha Laser.

When you find a company this good, latch on to them and don’t let them go because they are a rare breed. I’ve now worked with Alpha Laser over around 16 years and tell all those companies that cold call me that I am happy with my current vendor and don’t plan to switch.”

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