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Refurbished Printers

“I use Alpha Laser for my occasional HP printer repairs. I am comfortable in knowing that I will not be taken for a ride and the tech will give me an honest evaluation and good workmanship. If the printer is not worth fixing, they tell me even though on that trip they may not get paid as much.”

~ Mike Jones – Network Admin

Keep toner costs down...

The ONE THING you know for sure about a new printer model is that the toner is more expensive than the last model. Most of our customers have a preferred model of printer that works well for their application AND is cost-effective for them to use.

Since HP printer models have a brief lifespan before a new model comes out, the model you like is typically out of production before you know you want more of them. Sourcing toner for 5, 6 (or more) different printer models is not fun and not cost-effective. We can find and refurbish most older model printers to add to your print fleet.



Customers come first in everything we do here at Alpha Laser. With free local delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s easy to see why so many businesses concerned with quality, reliability, and value have selected Alpha Laser.

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