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Finally Make Your Printer Forgettable

You have enough to worry about in a day. We make keeping your printers running and finding supplies a peaceful experience.

“We didn’t know what we were missing until we found Alpha Laser! … Our business is frantic and deadline-centric, Alpha Laser makes sure our printers are not holding us back.”

~ Mike Jones – Network Admin

Doing Business With Us Is As Easy As...


Call us and tell us where it hurts. We’ll work to quickly understand your unique needs.


We’ll get started right away by either sending you what you need or a tech to make your printers forgettable.


Your supplies, equipment, or professional certified technician will arrive at your door in no time.

What makes Alpha Laser a cut above the rest...

Alpha Laser is a Houston, TX-based corporation with a unique focus on complete printer management (i.e., your print fleet). Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. That is why many of our clients are composed of 20-year long relationships.

We sell and service multifunction laser printers, plotters, desktop copiers, and fax machines; and we offer and sell a high-quality line of compatible, remanufactured and OEM supplies. In addition, we sell a line of high-quality compatible supplies for office equipment the manufacturers we represent produce.


Customers come first in everything we do here at Alpha Laser. With free local delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s easy to see why so many businesses concerned with quality, reliability, and value have selected Alpha Laser.


We make finding and buying OEM and compatible printer supplies a peaceful experience. Alpha Laser takes the headaches out of getting what you need when you need it to keep your multifunction, printers, plotters, fax machines, and desktop copiers running.

And you’ll find reordering a cinch.


Alpha Laser takes the hassles out of printer, plotter, fax machine, and desktop copier service. Our approach to service dispatch allows us to provide our customers with rapid response to service and repair situations.

Your printers, plotters, fax machines, and desktop copiers are important to your operation. That’s why Alpha Laser provides quick and accurate service.

Refurbished Equipment

Keep costs down by buying refurbished printers.

  • Cost of printer
  • Cost of toners

Printer models have a brief lifespan before a new model comes out the model you like is typically out of production before you know you want more of them. Sourcing toner for 5, 6 (or more) different printer models is not fun and not cost effective. We can find and refurbish most older model printers to add to your print fleet.

What Clients Are Saying

“We didn’t know what we were missing until we found Alpha Laser! They have made the management of our printing environment much easier than our previous strategy. And the consistent quality of Alpha Laser cartridges has been a relief compared to the try, try again the situation of their competitors. Their experience and expertise guarantee that when we have a special requirement they are always able to take care of us. Our business is frantic and deadline-centric and Alpha Laser makes sure our printers are not holding us back.”

PremierIMS, Inc.

“Alpha Laser provides prompt free delivery and has made special trips when we didn’t have a spare on hand. They also have bought back unopened boxes where the last printer that used them was retired. Customer service has always been super. I don’t hesitate to call them if I have any sort of need because I know the experience will always be pleasant.

I also use Alpha Laser for my occasional HP printer repairs. I am comfortable in knowing that I will not be taken for a ride and the tech will give me an honest evaluation and good workmanship. If the printer is not worth fixing, they tell me even though on that trip they may not get paid as much.

More recently our purchasing department took over the role of ordering printer toner. I had informed them that their best bet was Alpha Laser, but they thought they could do better. They bought marginally cheaper toner from a different vendor and regretted it. Very soon they were back to ordering from Alpha Laser.

When you find a company this good, latch on to them and don’t let them go because they are a rare breed. I’ve now worked with Alpha Laser over around 16 years and tell all those companies that cold call me that I am happy with my current vendor and don’t plan to switch.”

Mike Jones
Network Administrator @ North Shore Steel
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