The “Just Print” Program

What is it?

Imagine being able to hand over the management of your company’s printers to someone who does that, and only that.  No more of your time is spent shopping, ordering, cutting PO’s, inventorying and installing toner or servicing your print, copy and fax equipment.  We monitor your equipment and manage your entire fleet of printers.  We change all of the toners and clean and service your machines for you.  You only pay for the toner you use.  All you have to do is “Just Print”.

How is it done?

We use a simple polling box that collects printer data (pages printed, toner low status, and error codes ONLY) from your printers.  This information is monitored via the web.  As issues occur with your printers (error codes, toner low notices, etc.), we dispatch Technicians to handle them often before you know they have occurred.  This is transparent to you, the client.

How do we charge?

The cost of the toner used and the probable repairs (maintenance) needed over time are amortized to a “cost per page” for that particular machine.  There are NO Minimums, NO Overage Charges; you pay ONLY for the pages you print.  Typically this is approximately the same amount you spend now for service and supplies.

What does this do for me?

Your company spends countless hours maintaining your equipment (purchasing equipment, pricing supplies and service, cutting PO’s, ordering and waiting for supplies and service, inventorying and installing supplies, and paying for supplies and service).  We take those duties on which allows you to redirect your time and manpower to what your company does.

How do we get started?

We supply the polling box for your network and allow the box to collect data for a 30-day period.  With a month of history, we provide you with a straightforward cost analysis for your print devices.  The data is used to reorganize your print fleet; i.e., balance the print fleet duty cycles to the jobs they are currently doing.  Simply call or email Alpha Laser for a hassle-free explanation of the “Just Print” program.

Will I need new equipment?

No, “Just Print” works with the equipment you already have.

How do I pay?

There is one monthly statement showing where every penny went.  No PO’s to cut, invoices to deal with or multiple vendors to work through.  No long-term contracts, or binding agreements, just a simple 30 day-out clause.  The monthly bill has full reporting capabilities (by Division, Dept., Location, etc.) down to each print device.


In Summary


What does my company get?

  • Toner
  • Repair parts and labor
  • Maintenance kits and installation
  • Monthly statements showing where every penny went by department, by printer
  • Preventative maintenance extending printer life and reducing user down time
  • Delivery of all toner and consumables
  • Periodic recommendations on how to better utilize your printers
  • Fast and reliable service

How does my company benefit?

  • Eliminate inventory of toner and get toner when you need it.
  • Eliminate inventory carrying costs and the clutter of spare toner cartridges
  • Fixed and budgetable print costs
  • Extended printer life lowers printer replacement costs and user down time
  • Eliminate the hassles and transaction costs of buying and distributing toner and service
  • The ability to manage and allocate print costs

What’s wrong with the way we do it now?

All of the spare toner cartridges you keep take up space and cost your company money.  There is no way to allocate costs by department with toner usage and service happening all over the company.  Printer supply and service costs are escalating and unmanageable.  It’s hard to know when to repair or replace a printer.  Different printers add drivers to the network and cartridges to the store room.  There is no way to know if your toner cartridges are lasting long enough and whether or not the same service and repair issues are reoccurring over and over again.  Processes for buying, receiving and paying for repair, supplies and toner for printers are long and time consuming.  Managing printers is difficult, costly, and not fun. 

Why is “Just Print” such a great solution to managing our printers?

Your current toner supplier wants you to run out of toner.

Your current service provider wants you to break your printers.

All we want you to do is “Just Print”.  What do you want?


You are paying for supplies and service now.  Why not let us administer your print fleet and free your people up to do what they do best. 

For a hassle-free explanation of the “Just Print” program, simply call or email Alpha Laser.


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